West Seattle Landscaping Design

We love doing landscaping projects in West Seattle. We have over 30 years experience in the area and can help with a variety of landscape restoration services.

When doing any landscaping project, it’s important to understand the ecological factors in the area. West Seattle has been identified as an area affected by the Tacoma smelter plume. This plume is a 1,000 square mile are of arsenic and lead soil contamination. This mean it is absolutely vital we conduct a soil test before we amend the soils to know exactly what we have to add to balance the PH and ensure our plants will be healthy in the long term.

The smelter plume is something to be aware of but with the right plants to help filter air as well as an effective landscape design, your residence can be ahead of the neighborhood.

Let us help you design your next awesome outdoor living area in West Seattle. We look forward to serving you.

Featured Landscaping Project in West Seattle, WA


I had a landscape makeover a few years back that didn’t take, mostly due to my travel schedule, lack of watering, attention and miscommunication between the landscaper and myself. I sought a landscape design firm that could design, install and support a significant enhancement program that would enable me to enjoy the yard space I have, increase the value of my property and not worry about maintenance.

Stock & Hill had completed an impressive project at my neighbors house the year before. Without much of a background in yardscaping, nor a clear vision of what I wanted, I was extremely fortunate to work with Barbara and the crew. The project was off the ground before I knew it, concepts in front of me, sample plants, lighting fixtures, and stonework in front of me. I quickly gained a vision of what I wanted and the direction the project was headed in.

Although I was not seeking attention for my property, my yard has become an observation place for many walkers on Phinney Ridge. The constant compliments are a reminder of how great my yard looks. The end result is impressive and has served as a motivator for several of my friends and neighbors who have since undertaken yard enhancement projects to follow suit.

Equal to my satisfaction with the end products is my overall satisfaction of working with a very professional and friendly staff to include the folks that do the design work, billing, installation and ongoing support. I give the project as a whole, and Stock & Hill an A+.

Jeff McShane – Seattle

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