Home Water Feature Landscaping Design

A bedazzling, functional and colorful garden with unique landscape water features.

Sather Residence, Seattle, WA

This was one of the most delightful water feature projects that Stock & Hill has had the opportunity to create and our client had a lot to do with that experience. She wanted a garden where her extended family could congregate and have picnics, play basketball and participate in growing fruits, vegetables, herbs and flowering plants while appreciating the beauty of flowing water in nature.Call (425) 334-8336 now or contact us by email for a consultation in your home.This garden has become a well enjoyed gathering place for family, friends, and neighbors. A true joy for all!
Water feature in landscape, grass and flowers
Mini waterfall in pond
Water Feature Landscaping Design
Water Feature Landscaping Design Seattle
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water feature in residence garden landscaping
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Water feature in landscape garden