Bellevue Landscaping Design

We love doing landscaping projects in Bellevue. We have over 30 years experience in the area and can help with a variety of landscape services.

It all starts with a thorough understanding of the soil in Bellevue. Ancient glaciers left behind what’s known as glacial till, which is like clay. This material is very low in organic nutrients, which is why it’s so important to amend the soil before planting any new plants. It also helps us determine how to best handle hardscaping or paver stones for walkways.

It’s important to note that the city of Bellevue may require a permit for clearing and grading. This inlcudes things like removing or cutting down trees, installing large rock features or landscape walls. The purpose of the permit is for protection of environmental resources such as fish, and to ensure public safety of those near the working area. If your project requires such a permit, we will be sure to let you know!

Featured Landscaping Project in Bellevue, WA


We have thoroughly enjoyed working with Stock and Hill’s professional team for our landscaping project. They were attentive to our wishes, yet guided the project masterfully with their own style and expertise.

The design process was fun and exciting, and the installation went smoothly. The installation team was so courteous and friendly, as well as thoughtful – they cleaned up each afternoon, swept and tidied up the work areas.

So many of our friends who visit comment on the beautiful job Stock and Hill did to create an outdoor oasis for our challenging slope-side yard.  Thank you Barbara and Staci for a job excellently done!

Philip & Julie C – Bellevue

If you live in Bellevue and would like a design or build landscape consultation, please give us a call at (425) 334-8336. Or request a consultation below.