Today’s homeowners want a home that not only reflects elegance from inside the house but also from the outside vicinity. The environment surrounding the back area should portray the elements of a high-end lifestyle. If anything the natural flora that translates to beautiful greenery, from the flowers that smell of rose and tranquility to the water features that give a home an essence of life and liveliness. Any homeowner wants an outside that will be inviting as well as comfortable to walk around, sit back and watch.

Water features are the key ingredients to the decoration of a home’s backyard and make it an irresistible invitation. Apart from the beautiful breeze that a beautifully designed enclosure is likely to invite, water features are meant to give your garden life and usher your treasured home into the world of natural paradise centers.

It is possible to transform your backyard from just a simple vegetable garden into a lush fountain, pond or waterfall that not only reflects your lifestyle but also speaks natural beauty. This post is for you to gain knowledge of some of the most beautiful and creative water features designed to suit your backyard landscape. If you came here looking for backyard water feature ideas, there is no better place you could be.


Garden Waterfalls

The sound of falling water creates the feeling of both adventure and tranquility. There are numerous ways to implement a backyard waterfall. One of them is the garden waterfalls method. Think of multiple vegetation whose proximity with a few piled rocks reflects the greenery of the environment. The aesthetics of garden waterfalls will depend on the arrangement of stones that make up the waterfall walls.

backyard garden waterfall

The tranquil Waterfall

If the rapid sound of a rock driven waterfall is not your taste, we also have the peaceful but creative waterfall feature. This tranquil waterfall is not only a suitable playground for children but also a harmonic site that translates into natural beauty. With some rocks laid side by side so that the water flows in between and falls over pebbles; it is not only a simple feature but a beautiful idea.

tranquil water feature

High Wall Waterfalls

It is a very creative way to have your waterfall made from stone wall.

high wall waterfall example

Listening to the sound of water as it hits the underneath pebbles will be an unrivaled expereince. Instead of water meeting water, the water falls on little stones. You can never have enough of that sound, and you will be spending quite some time in your backyard to catch this beautiful scene.

The fountain Waterfall

A small space is occupying fountain made into a waterfall. The fountain waterfall could also be a do it–yourself project since it is easy to implement with just a few skills of mortar and a spade. It could also take only a trough and some wood to set up your next patio fountain waterfall. Once you achieve this, you will have a picturesque spot in your backyard.


Garden Pond

A variety of water plants with a touch of beauty are used to cover up the pond. These plants are mainly floating types like lilies or the Scirpus that surrounds garden ponds. Surrounding the lake with varieties of flowers is also idealistic and creative.

Tropical Pond

An ecosystem with a few flowers and rocks surrounding a pond would be great for your backyard. Adding a birdbath would merely attract birds and colorful butterflies. This addition is a summer thing because the birds will want to cool off their feather and wick off moisture from your pond. You could incorporate the birdbath for purely aesthetic reasons or settle for a fountain birdbath as well. Either way, you will have your beautiful water spot.


Fountains are mostly customized depending on a user’s specification. It is because the craftsmanship of the spray is a work of art exhibition for prospective buyers. The sight of a few fountain designs is likely to ignite your creative genius, and that is why the design decision is utmost felt by the client. It does not mean you cannot, however, choose an already made fountain but it depends on your taste. For example, if you are a lover of Haiku, you are likely to request for a sculpture that looks like someone reciting some poetry. You get the sense now?

Let us look at a few fountains features that you may like.

The Rock Pool Fountain

This one is perhaps the most famous fountain design, but a little creative genius brings out a different but excellent result. It is like a pool contained within the surrounding of stones, whereby at the center of the lake several rocks are piled. Water is forced out from below these rocks in ripples. We could also customize the rock pool fountain to be more inviting by transforming it into a real swimming pool with the stones now surrounding it instead of them placed at the centre.

Wall of Water Fountain

On the wall of water fountain pictured below, a concrete wall is created and designed such that water jets out of it run into an underneath pool. The pool’s arrangement of rocks causes a rippling effect of the water as it lands. It is both beauty in sight and the sound it makes.

wall of water

Blending Backyard Water Feature Ideas into Designs

1. The pot waterfall fountain designAn admirer of both tradition and design will like this style with a few pots hanging around your garden serving water to each other in a flow? The fountain continues, and the current at some point appears like a waterfall and also as a fountain.

2. The Waterfall and Pond

If the waterfall should meet something below, it should be tropical pond surrounded by wooden troughs and birdbath. A few lilies floating at the sides and a fire lit just beside it. How would such an environment feel?

waterfall into pond feature

3.Showcase Fountain in a sunken garden

Divide your garden into quadrants and plant a variety of colorful flowers. Add a pot planter and creatively turn it into a fountain. For the planter, let it be lying in a pond. The final scene will be a beauty to behold.

sunken garden water feature

4. Pebble pond

This pond is merely couples of old troughs piled upon each other in a ladder path. Each channel is filled with enough pebbles to make the water roar down into a pond collection with both the water and rocks.

pebble pond water feature

6. Urn-look-alike fountain in a pond

You will need a bubbling urn, a number of accent spillways and plenty of Spanish tiles. Put everything in its spot with precision. You will have something looking like this

url like water fountain

These simple backyard feature ideas are meant to prove the transformation your backyard can undergo from just a simple garden into a paradise landscape. The views here are expected to not only ignite your imaginations on what are the best designs out there for your scene but also to help you make the best decision on which water feature idea that would suit your particular interests.